Group Programmes – Zest4Life

I use Patrick Holford’s Zest4life programmes to support my clients in changing their lives.

Fast Track Back to Health !

        • Specifically designed to work with sugar cravings and Type II Diabetes
        • This group programme will improve overall health
        • Address blood test results indicative of increased disease risk
        • Address weight related health issues
        • Improve longer term wellbeing
        • Learn how to improve the health and wellbeing of all the family

All programmes include 2 booklets with all the information required to follow the diet and include health topics such as nutrients for immune system support, bone health, healthy ageing and much more ……..

As an Nutritional Therapist I chose to offer zest4life nutrition because they provide a structured, health promoting and sustainable way for people to manage blood sugar issues, increase energy and feel healthy and well.

This way of eating is also a great way to reduce cholesterol, diabetes, heart problems, Alzheimer’s and the many degenerative diseases prevalent in the 21st century.

I offer 1:1 packages  and I run group programmes at The Mall Holistic Centre, Armagh throughout the year.
Programme options and costs are tailored to your needs and budget. Anyone is welcome to join a group session at any time during the course to find out more or to see if they would like to join a programme.

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